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 James W. Knox

James’ song writing has been well documented in the book From Where I Stand.  Counting the works done prior to his conversion, he has composed about four hundred songs and produced lyrics for dozens more.  Whether or not time will permit the recording of them all waits to be seen.



Lilian Knox

Lilian has been gifted by God with the ability to play anything with strings.  She has used her singing and playing talents for the glory of the Lord since she was a child.  She has put about 100 verses of scripture to music for the purpose of helping children memorize the word of God.

Featured prominently on these recordings


Casey Harr


From a family of musicians, Casey finds great joy in lending his time, ear, love for music and heart for Jesus to those who minister with song.  His countless hours of labor in recording, mixing, editing, revising and graciously saying, “that’s a bit off key” or “timing issues drive me crazy” are a true blessing.  He does an excellent job with limited time and resources in making each project a personal ministry.


Charles McEntyre


Charlie taught himself the guitar while in high school, then added the harmonica.  His hard-driving style is just a manifestation of his zeal for life and the Savior.  His talents have been much appreciated on many of these tracks.


Ed Billock


Fast Eddie smiles and whispers "be the instrument," and then pours his heart and life through the guitar.  Whenever we have been privileged to have Ed work with us he has elevated every song on which he had a part.  His production work on the first two records, his guitar work, harmonies and encouragement have meant much to us through the years.

Linda and Emma Strand

Linda and Emma Strand spend their days singing for Jesus in rest homes and schools.  Their harmonies are featured on Lilian’s recordings.

Special thanks to:

Joyce Luttrell,

Joel Hemphill,

Robert Zimmerman,

Millie Cowan,

Stephen Collins,

Reggie & Bernie,

Clyde Brown,

Chris Jackson.

Also thanks to:

The Broken Tooth Band, and

All the other people that helped in some way.